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[New] Moteur/Moteurs Sensored Z3R-8 4 Pole par Thunder Power

le Mar 27 Sep 2011 - 22:28
Moteurs Sensored Z3R-8 4 Pole
1400Kv / 1900Kv / 2100Kv / 2400Kv
par Thunder Power RC

Coming Soon – All-New Z3R-8 Brushless Motors for RC Surface Vehicles

Thunder Power RC introduces all-new Z3R Brushless Motor Series; designed, developed and built to deliver maximum performance and reliability for RC surface vehicles.

Available late Summer 2011, Thunder Power RC’s Z3R-8 Sensored Brushless motor series is designed for use in 1/8th scale, off-road vehicle applications. Z3R-8 motors are high-powered for pro-level performance and are available in 1400Kv, 1900Kv, 2100Kv and 2400Kv for any buggy. Each motor is constructed from high-quality materials including a balanced, high-strength 4-pole neodymium rotor, high-temperature coated copper wire and plated copper solder tabs, while features including easy-to-set adjustable timing from 0—25 degrees and fast-switching, high-temp sensors make it easy to maximize performance. The Z3R-8 motors are compatible with brushless sensored and sensorless electronic speed controls for flexibility in power system optimization. All Z3R motors are designed and developed from the ground-up, tested rigorously and race-proven in the hands of top racers world-wide including Paul Lemieux and others, Z3R brushless motors are built to deliver maximum performance and reliability.

• Ribbed, aluminum heat sink can with built-in cooling fins
• Balanced, high-strength 4-Pole neodymium rotor
• Easy-to-set, 0–25 degree adjustable timing
• High-temp coated pure copper wire
• Plated copper solder tabs
• Fast-switching, high-temp sensors
• Dual screw hole mounting pattern

Z3R-8 Brushless Motor Specifications:
• Timing: Adjustable (0–25 degrees)
• Motor Length: 2.72 in (69.2mm)
• Motor Diameter: 1.65 in (42.1mm)
• Shaft Diameter: 0.20in (5.0mm)
• Weight: 11.4 oz (323g)

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