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Revoiste qui se lance Padawaaa
Revoiste qui se lance Padawaaa
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TQ 2238 - Remise à zero/réinitialiser (procedure traxxas) Empty TQ 2238 - Remise à zero/réinitialiser (procedure traxxas)

Ven 25 Mai 2012 - 13:11
First try putting fresh batteries in the radio and in your vehicle. Make sure the antenna on your receiver is not cut short, and that it is all the way out to the end of the antenna tube.  Make sure the antenna on the radio is up and that it is not damaged.  Check the plugs in your receiver to make sure they are secure, that the steering is plugged into channel 1, the ESC is plugged into channel 2 and that none of the wires are pinched frayed or kinked.

Start with radio turned off.

Hold both menu and set.

Turn radio on

Release menu and set slow red blinking light

Hold menu and set till light changes to green blink

Release menu and set

While holding steering at full left, press set.

While holding steering at full right, press set.

Light changes back to red blink

While holding full throttle press set.

While holding full breaks, press set.

Light should now be solid green, factory endpoints reset has been finished.

Finally reset your transmitter to its default settings. http://www.traxxas.com/video/Accessories-Parts/transmitters/2238tq24ghztraxxaslink2ch/Default-Settings-Video-TQ-24GHz-High -

Here is how to bind your 2.4GHz transmitter to your receiver.

1.      Install the AA batteries in the transmitter.  Press and hold the SET button.  Switch the transmitter on.  The STATUS LED will flash.  Release the button.

2.      Press and hold the receivers LINK button.  Switch the receiver on.  The receiver LED will flash.

3.      When both LEDs stop flashing (this will take just a moment or two), the system is bound and ready for use.  Confirm that the steering and throttle operate properly before driving your model.

Next calibrate the speed control to the transmitter. http://www.traxxas.com/video/Accessories-Parts/escs/evx2/How-Program-Traxxas-Electronic-Speed-Control

If it is still not working program the transmitter. http://www.traxxas.com/video/Accessories-Parts/transmitters/2238tq24ghztraxxaslink2ch/Basic-Programming-Video-TQ-24GHz-High

All the programming videos are on this page.  http://www.traxxas.com/video/support

Finally unplug the steering servo from the receiver and see if the ESC programs normally.  A shorted servo can cause the system to fail.
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