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[New] Moteur Brushless Sensored VSE par Viper Empty [New] Moteur Brushless Sensored VSE par Viper

Dim 19 Juin 2011 - 19:33
Moteur Brushless Sensored VSE
par Viper

[New] Moteur Brushless Sensored VSE par Viper Vselarger

Introducing the VSE-B and VSE-T fully sensored motors from Viper R/C for your 1/8 buggy and truggy. Designed to take your 1/8th scale buggy or truggy to the winners circle.

Months of rigorous on track and racing development have produced a 1/8 power plant ready to take your vehicle to a new level of performance, feel, and reliability. The VSE features a two pole sensored design to give you the smoothest and most drivable power band available.

A CNC machined 6061 aluminum ribbed can provides optimum cooling performance while the integrated temperature sensor provides thermal protection to protect your equipment. High grade oversized ball bearings keep your system running smooth after hours of competition.

The VSE-T features a 5mm longer can and rotor than its VSE-B buggy counterpart for the additional torque required by the big trucks. Multiple KV options between 1400-2450kv offer tuning options for varying track sizes and conditions.

VSE Truggy Product Specs
Case Length Truggy: 3.03in / 77mm
Default Rotor Spec: 13.8 * 50L
Case Diameter: 1.65in / 42mm
Shaft Length Truggy: 3.7in / 94mm
Shaft Extension: 0.58in / 14.8mm
Weight: 14.11oz / 400g
VSE Truggy Motors__KV Watts
VSE1300T__________1300 1450
VSE1600T__________1600 1872
VSE1900T__________1900 2106
VSE2200T__________2200 2244

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[New] Moteur Brushless Sensored VSE par Viper Userba10
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