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[New] Moteur ZX28 DSIII .28 par Mega Empty [New] Moteur ZX28 DSIII .28 par Mega

Mer 24 Mar 2010 - 19:30
Moteur ZX28 DSIII .28
par Mega

[New] Moteur ZX28 DSIII .28 par Mega Imagehcb

Off road/ Truggy ZX28 DSIII engine by Mega. Excellent bottom and mid-range, lots of top-speed.
Orange anodized large cooling-head with horizontal fins and nice graphics. Easy to set carburetor,
single sided adjustment. The perfect power-source for your 1/8 buggy or truggy.
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ABC set
This 7 port high-density hard-chromed sleeve, offers incredible durability coupled with highly effective porting ensure that maximum revs are achieved as well as producing a wide power band.

This machined piston has been modified so that it contacts with the liner less, allowing for high revs and more speed. It also features 2 rings around its circumference for aiding lubrication and, along with the lightened piston pin, has changes that reduce the overall weight of the assembly. The piston has been made using true ABC (aluminium piston, brass sleeve with chrome plating) construction for ultra long usage with little or no visible wear.

Utilising bronze bushings top and bottom the conrod has been strengthened with more material now surrounding both bushings for better durability.

This grey anodised crankcase has been forged from high grade aluminium and is therefore very strong and highly durable. The design incorporates many cooling fins to keep the temperature under control whilst the internal porting ensures optimised gas flow.

To ensure a perfect seal, when the carburetor is mounted, the opening for the carb has been fitted with a rubber o-ring whilst to enable the smoothest possible movement of the crankshaft the casing has been fitted with Swiss-made high quality bearings. For looks, the side of the crankcase sports the new Mega Symbol on the front side and the
logo on the rear side.

Made from high strength steel the crank pin is incorporated into the single piece crankshaft and then further hardened using a special treatment. The fuel flow through the crankshaft has also been improved to enhance overall engine performance.

This easy to adjust 2 needle carburettor maintains its needle settings, regardless of temperature, thanks to its design and the materials used in its construction. This carburettor comes with 3 different venturies that can be easily interchanged to fine tune your fuel economy.

Mega ZX-28 T DS-III
Competition type truggy engine. Large bore engine, suitable for truggy and monster-trucks.

Mega ZX-28 T DS-III Pull-Start
Competition type truggy engine. Large bore engine, suitable for truggy and monster-trucks.

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[New] Moteur ZX28 DSIII .28 par Mega Userba10
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