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[NEW] Barre de Spots 1/8 1/16 par RPM Empty [NEW] Barre de Spots 1/8 1/16 par RPM

Jeu 14 Jan 2010 - 14:03
Barre de Spots pour 1/8 & 1/16
par RPM

[NEW] Barre de Spots 1/8 1/16 par RPM 80782

A few months ago, we released a roof-mounted light bar set that worked
on all 1/8th and 1/10th scale Short Course bodies. That left a huge gap in
who could run lights on their vehicles. Our newest light set – the RPM
Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set cuts a full 2” off of the width, reducing
the number of LED light canisters to four and allows virtually anyone running
a vehicle with a minimum 4” body width to run LED lights on their vehicle.
The list of vehicles this includes is quite extensive, including many popular
sellers such as: Traxxas T-Maxx, Traxxas Revo, Traxxas 1/16th scale Mini Slash,
Traxxas Rustler, Traxxas Stampede, Associated MGT, Associated T4, HPI Savage,
HPI E-Firestorm, HPI E-Firestorm Flux, Losi LST/LST2, Losi XXX-T, Duratrax Evader
and many, many more!

The goal of our Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set was to recreate a scale
version of those light bars found in full-sized racing while striving for some
reasonable amount of crash-survivability. Our Light Bar Set uses a unique
hinged system that in the event of a rollover, the light bar will fold against
the body to help reduce impact damage. The light set is designed to bolt to
the front windshield of the truck (although with sufficient room, it can be
mounted to the rear window as well), keeping the profile low and in the
perfect position to light up the night. Each kit comes with a pair of large
backing plates that help protect the body where the screws hold the light bar in place.

Each kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, light canisters,
molded parts and instructions. The instructions also show how to easily create
your own LED light set-up with a few basic electronics skills, some tools
and a little patience.

We mold these light bar sets in black and chrome to match or contrast any
paint and color scheme.

Tech Notes: LED lights are not included. The RPM Roof-Mounted Light Bar
Set can fit any number of applications. Due to the scale appearance of this
light bar set, we cannot properly strengthen all aspects of the lights.
Therefore, some warranty restrictions may apply. See instructions for complete details.

#80782 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set – Black UPC #672415807828
#80783 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set – Chrome UPC #672415807835

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[NEW] Barre de Spots 1/8 1/16 par RPM Userba10
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