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[NEW] LIPO/LIPOS Team Orion Avionics Empty [NEW] LIPO/LIPOS Team Orion Avionics

Ven 13 Nov 2009 - 15:46
Lipos Team Orion Avionics

[NEW] LIPO/LIPOS Team Orion Avionics Ori600xx

Available now are at Kyosho Germany twelve other types of LiPo batteries from
the Avionics-series from 3200 to 5000 mAh capacity available in configurations
from 2s to 10s. They have a long-term current carrying capacity of up to 35C.
With excellent performance, the bribe Team Orion Avionics due to the efficient
cell-stack method by compact dimensions and low weight. At the same time the
voltage is very high. Special connectors inside the battery provide a significantly
lower temperature than conventional Li-Po cells. The power bars are equipped
with connection cable with large diameter and high-grade silicone insulation and
XH-Balancer connectors.

* ORI60074 (22,2 V/4.000 mAh) 6S
* ORI60075 (29,6 V/4.000 mAh) 8S
* ORI60076 (37,0 V/4.000 mAh) 10S
* ORI60077 (7,4 V/5.000 mAh) 2S
* ORI60078 (11,1 V/5.000 mAh) 3S
* ORI60079 (14,8 V/5.000 mAh) 4S
* ORI60080 (18,5 V/5.000 mAh) 5S
* ORI60081 (22,2 V/5.000 mAh) 6S
* ORI60082 (29,6 V/5.000 mAh) 8S
* ORI60083 (37,0 V/5.000 mAh) 10S
* ORI60084 (22,2 V/3.200 mAh) 6S
* ORI60085 (22,2 V/3.600 mAh) 6S

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