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[New] HTS-iView Interface Télémetrie pour iphone par Hitec

le Dim 4 Mar 2012 - 13:06
Interface de Télémetrie pour iphone

par Hitec

Take advantage of the ever-changing world of communication technology with the latest from Hitec!
Our HTS-iView seamlessly integrates advancements in portable computing with the world of radio control, bringing real-time telemetry data to your Apple® devices such as the iTouch, iPhone and iPad. With the applicable onboard sensors and airborne sensor station, the iView can display your model's GPS-based altitude, location, distance and speed data, four temperature and two RPM readings, as well as remaining fuel level, current draw, voltage, wattage and receiver battery levels. Whether you are an enthusiastic pilot demanding comprehensive feedback during flight or an everyday sport flier looking for that added information, the HTS-iView puts the world of telemetry at your fingertips.

General and Detailed Telemetry Data Display
GPS-Based Information: Speed/Altitude/Distance/Longitude/Latitude
Four Temperature Data
Two RPM Readings
Fuel Gauge Information
Battery Current Draw
Battery Voltage Level
Data Save and Replay Function
Programmable Audible Warning Settings
Google Maps GPS Link
HTS-Voice Synchronization Available (Sold Separately)

Works with Apple® iPhone, iPad and iTouch

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